Ira Marlowe - Don't Waste My Time (unreleased)

from by Various Artists

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Brand new demo of a song I wrote in 2001 (?) around the metaphor of someone who "can't get arrested". My computer is having problems so it's a little glitchy sounding. Better version coming soon.


In the dirty alley
Behind Sam Wo’s Launderette
He flashed his badge and sat me in his
unmarked Coronet
But when he heard my crime
He only laughed and shook his head
Don’t waste my time is all he said

Well, I’m no Al Capone,
I could not disagree
But over there on 6th Street
There’s folks have heard of me
But he could not contain himself
When I described my spree
Don’t waste my time
is what he said to me

Don't waste my time
Don't waste my time
Don't waste my time

Well time is something
Not everybody has
I tried to pull the big one
But the years did quickly pass
Now every two-bit gumwad punk
Will tell you ain’t no gas
In this Cadillac of criminal minds
Don’t tell me not to waste your time


In a dirty bodyshop
'round 10th and South Van Ness
I was the man with the master plan
The plan to put that ghost to rest
I led a ring of hardened men
To a Jackson Street address
my time had come, ah yes

Now the wheel of fortune
Has finally spun 'round here
All my years of crime and caper
Finaly payin' dear
Respect comes hard but in the yard
There’s one thing I don’t hear
Don't waste my time
See, we all got years and years and years



from Save the Monkey House!, released February 22, 2013



all rights reserved


Save the Monkey Berkeley, California

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